Best Wedding DJs Ireland

Best Wedding DJs Ireland

Best Wedding Djs Ireland 

Your wedding day is the most important of your life. I have been voted Ireland’s Best Wedding Dj 7 times please click here to see all the details of my awards!

I hope you will have a great day on your wedding day and I hope as a dj i can be a part of it. There a number of things i do as the best wedding djs Ireland

1) Meet up prior to wedding to discuss music and plan for the evening .

2) If you wish to supply me with a play list for the evening which I will play unless you otherwise advise me not to. (your favourite songs)

3) You can if you wish send out a request list to your guests with your invitation so that they can have their favourite song played. You put the list together when the acceptances come back.

4) Interact with the crowd.

5) Play your first and bridal dances.

6) Provide you with a professional sound and lighting system.

7) Cover music for all tastes.

8) Confetti cannon if required (extra) additional fee.

9) Provide state of the art venue uplighting.

 I want to make your event memorable for all the right reasons!

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