Dublin Weddings During Covid-19


Dublin Weddings During Covid-19

Dublin Weddings During Covid-19


This year hasn’t quite turned out as many of us had expected. For those planning Dublin Weddings during Covid-19 in 2020, compromises have had to be made – whether it’s been changing your date, changing your wedding venue or dropping your guest numbers. Compromise is not often the word you want to think of when it comes to your wedding day and the wedding party.

Why a wedding DJ can make a difference to your intimate wedding. 

As an award-winning wedding DJ, I have been lucky enough to help thousands of couples curate their perfect wedding. 2020 has proved a struggle for couples and wedding suppliers, but I believe that, with the right wedding DJ, you can still create magical memories of your wedding party, even in a pandemic.


I’ve laid out a few ways that a wedding DJ can help you curate the perfect day and give you peace of mind, even if your guests do have to wear face masks.


Firstly, check with your venue.

Each venue will have its own rules and management regulations around how your day can work. These rules will include how you can manage your social ‘bubbles’ in the evening and any impact on your day from start to finish. 

Make sure you check the rules for a first dance, music levels and any other restrictions around your evening entertainment.


I have worked in many wedding venues in Ireland and can collaborate with you and your venue to ensure we achieve your vision while keeping within the evolving guidelines.


Live Band vs Wedding DJ

Rules surrounding live music at weddings has changed with the ever-evolving pandemic. 

As a professional wedding DJ, I can help manage the evening – from practical elements such as sound levels or calming down a room to make social distancing a little easier. I can also manage the entertaining elements such as providing professional lighting equipment to help create an atmosphere and help you to curate the moments of your day and build memories through music.


While the guidelines continue to evolve, a professional wedding DJ can give you a consistent low risk, but high impact, option for your wedding ceremony. As many of us work solo or in teams of two, using a wedding DJ can help to keep the headcount low within your wedding venue.


The New Normal

While we are all looking to the future when our lives will look as they once did, the reality is that for the wedding industry, we may not return to the way things were for many years. Smaller numbers are the new normal, and we must find ways to create magical memories in restricted circumstances.

I am proud of being highly recommended by my clients and have achieved many awards during my career as a professional wedding DJ. I earned these accolades by delivering a personal service to all my couples and by creating an electric atmosphere for every wedding party.


Weddings In Ireland During Covid-19


Keep it Personal

With new restrictions around weddings, it can feel as though your personality is being diluted on your wedding day. By having a wedding DJ with you throughout your day, we can create stunning moments throughout that reflect you as a couple. As you’ve reduced down your numbers, maybe you’ve also pared down other elements of your wedding? Perhaps you have fewer flowers, or you’ve limited the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen—yet more compromises.


Music can help put the perfect personal touch on your memorable moments. From the music, you walk down the aisle to (timed to perfection), your exit music, entrance moment and the soundtrack to your wedding breakfast. In choosing me to be with you throughout your day, I can take the stress away from you by managing those moments.


Look through my Emerald Package which offers full-day DJ hire and services.


Creating an Atmosphere

Never before have quiet weddings been a concern. But with just 25 guests, you may find that your wedding breakfast doesn’t have the same level of chatter that you’d like to fill your venue. If you originally had 200 people in a ballroom, manor house or any other wedding venue, you’ll find that the social distancing can feel vaster without a musical soundtrack.


I can create a beautiful, tailored musical backing to your wedding breakfast, so the atmosphere doesn’t fall as your guests enjoy the delicious food.



Many wedding venue guidelines state that the ceremony, wedding breakfast and the wedding party have to take place in one room. This can create a few logistical challenges to create a smoothly run and luxurious day. By having your DJ with you through the day, I can make a seamless transition musically throughout the day to help keep your guests engaged and excited.


To enquire about my professional Dublin wedding DJ services for your day, please contact me here. Or for help with choosing your first dance wedding song click here