How to choose your DJ for your Wedding?

Your wedding day is one of the most important days and I know you want the best of everything, and your wedding DJ is no exception. So how do you choose your Wedding DJ? These tips will make choosing the perfect wedding DJ a whole lot easier.

Don’t Just Give the Gig to Friends or Family


You might have a friend or family member who is a DJ, an aspiring DJ, or likes to DJ as a hobby, and while giving them the gig isn’t always the worst choice, it can lead to disaster.

There are a bunch of reasons why it’s best to pick a professional DJ over a friend, so if you do want to hire a friend or family member to DJ your wedding, make your choice off of their expertise and experience, not just your relationship.

Check on Wedding Experience and Professionalism

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No matter how well you plan every detail of your wedding music, nothing will help more than a professional Mayo wedding DJ with experience. Weddings have a unique and special flow that’s different from any other party or event, and if things get off track or don’t go exactly as planned, you’ll be so grateful that you have an experienced and professional DJ to keep things running smoothly.

When you choose a professional wedding DJ, you can relax and count on wedding music, announcements, and more all being taken care of. To make sure that your wedding DJ choice has the experience and professionalism you need, try asking some of these questions:

Are weddings the only events you DJ?

How many weddings do you perform a year?

How long have you worked as a wedding DJ?



Your wedding DJ will do so much more than just play music; a professional DJ will play a vital role in keeping every aspect of your event flowing by also doubling as an Emcee, which means communication and articulation are so important.

It’s essential to ensure that your DJ of choice has great communication and articulation skills and that they’ll be able to effectively communicate with not only you but your vendors and guests too.



A big perk of hiring a professional DJ is that they should have the gear to match. Most DJs will use equipment that’s well maintained, highly functional, and that even adds an extra element to your wedding ambiance.

Personalized Playlists

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The perfect wedding DJ will know just how to balance a playlist so that it covers your wants and needs, involves some artistic liberty, and adjusts to the crowd. In the end, you want to ensure that your wedding DJ will work with you so that the music at your wedding is the music you want.

To make sure this happens, talk to your DJ about songs and genres you want to be played, whether you want requests taken (and how often), and your “do not play” list.

Remember, Cheap DJ’s aren’t Good! Good DJ’s aren’t Cheap!


Wedding DJ prices vary in large part because anyone can purchase DJ equipment and try it out, but the professional price tag will always be more. This doesn’t mean you have to spend alot of your wedding budget to get a great wedding DJ, just keep in mind that as with all things in life, you pay more for quality.

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