How To Choose Your Galway Wedding DJ

How To Choose Your Galway Wedding DJ?


How To Choose Your Galway Wedding DJ

When starting your wedding planning it can seem like a massive task and a minefield when it comes to choosing your suppliers for your special day! Hopefully this post will give you some tips on how to choose your Galway Wedding DJ

When choosing your band often they will add in a “Dj” service which is 9 times out a 10 a band member who just puts a playlist on while the band packs up and a lot of couple get caught in this trap as it may seem convient but can lead to huge disappointment.

My advice is ask any bartender in a hotel or your wedding coordinator there opinion on a band who offer the “DJ’ service and you will get a proper opinion.

As a professional Wedding DJ, i arrive early at your venue and get setup along the band which save disruption to your dance floor later on in the evening and also there has been an occasion where the band never showed up and only for an independent Dj was booked the night was saved from a total disaster. I use full professional light and sound to create a change in atmosphere from band to Dj. I have been voted Irelands Best Wedding Dj 8 times please see details here of all my awards