How To Plan The Perfect Intimate Galway Wedding

How to Plan the Perfect Intimate Galway Wedding


How to Plan the Perfect Intimate Irish Wedding


You don’t need to worry about a fall in atmosphere with the right wedding DJ.

Weddings look very different this year, and these changes will most likely continue in 2021. But just because your numbers have fallen, it doesn’t mean the atmosphere of the day needs to fall too. Intimate Irish weddings during Covid-19, or micro-weddings, open so much possibility for creating a truly personal day. It has been heartbreaking for so many couples to reduce their numbers down, but we can still make your day perfect. Here are my top tips on how to plan the perfect intimate Galway wedding  during Covid-19.


What are the rules?

In Ireland, dancing is still allowed, but you need to have signage around the dance floor to remind people to distance while enjoying themselves. Your wedding venue can help arrange an necessary signage for you. Also, all of your Guests must be completely clear of your venue by 11:30; this means your last song needs to play around 11:00. 

With those timings in mind, you may want to start your party a little earlier than usual so that you can make the most of the time you have.

Having a professional DJ with you throughout the entire evening will help keep your party going, and you and your guests can have the best possible time – regardless of your numbers. 


How do you keep your intimate wedding going?

Ask any Wedding DJ, and we’ll tell you that song choice is essential to keeping your evening going. After years of making memories for my couples, I know the songs that will keep your crowd going. It’s essential to have all of the songs that you love, and that mean the most to you, alongside the classics that will keep your family dancing.


I don’t think any of us could imagine a wedding in Ireland without dancing. I want to ensure that your big day is one of best days of your life, whether that’s dancing the night away with your loved ones or having romantic, whistful songs to be in the background of your evening.


How To Plan The Perfect Intimate Galway Wedding?

As numbers have dropped, couples have faced the impossible choice of which guests will be able to join them as they say ‘I do’ and which ones will have to miss it, Livestream it, or wait for a second party when 2020 is over. Weddings have become family affairs once more, so your music choices will need to cater for your family guests and keep you happy. 


Keep it about you

With smaller numbers, your wedding is more about you as a couple than ever before. Whether your venue has changed from a manor house to a registry office, wherever your wedding is going to take place, I can help you create the perfect soundtrack to your special day.


Music is always a deeply personal subject; our musical likes and dislikes are one of the few things that remain truly unique to our personalities. Music also acts as guardians to memories, triggering the most emotive of moments. Whether you want to reflect on those who can’t be with you through your favourite songs or remember some of your key memories as a couple by playing your most loved tracks, together we can make the music at your wedding perfect for your day.


Is there a group of friends who can’t make it for your day thanks to reduced numbers? Why not play the song you’ve all danced and sang to a thousand times and ask your photographer or family to take quick videos that you can send to them. Music, even at a distance, brings us together. 


Curating Key Moments

Just because weddings are smaller doesn’t mean you have to stop the wedding traditions that are important to you. Speak to your wedding venue about their specific regulations regarding dances – some may not allow those in different households to dance together – Father/Daughter dances, for example. Speak to your venue and your DJ and see what you can achieve together. If you can’t dance close together, why not play your Dad’s favourite song and get everyone to dance together, no matter how terrible his musical taste… 


As your wedding DJ for a wedding in Ireland, I will work with you to help curate these moments. With my years of experience in the luxury wedding industry, I can help make your wedding day exactly what you want.


Keep it Moving

Once your guests start dancing, all thoughts of the pandemic will slip away as you join one another to have fun – something we all need a little more of in 2020.


With my Sapphire Package, you’ll have four hours of my award-winning, professional wedding DJ services, professional lighting and sound, and I will help you manage the key moments that will make your wedding day so memorable.

Get in touch here so we can work together to create your perfect day. Looking for the perfect first dance song ? Check out my Top 10 first dance songs of 2020 HERE