Top 100 Wedding Reception Entrance Songs

Top 100 Wedding Reception Entrance Songs!


Top 100 Wedding Reception Entrance Songs

You’ve walked up the aisle and said I do now its time to rock into your wedding reception where all your friends and family are awaiting your arrival. But you need a song to set the tone and party atmosphere, something that makes people get up and clap their hands and cheer ! Don’t know what song to choose? Don’t worry below you will find my Top 100 Wedding Reception Entrance Songs!

The reception entrance song is played as you make your way in to the reception room as newlyweds, with the Best Man or DJ announcing your arrival. It’s a tradition but a fun one and most couples tend to go for a suitably upbeat song for this big moment. Some couples opt to have their bridal party walk in to a different song as well but most of the below will work just as well for them too. If you haven’t picked a song you’d like for your big entrance just yet, then here is some inspiration from my top 100 reception entrance songs !

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